An Amazing and Beautiful Valley, Fulan Fehan

Fulan Fehan is a valley at the foot of Mount Lakaan with a very broad savannas. This valley is an amazing with the cool and clean air which is still natural. This valley is located in Dirun Village, Lamaknen District, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), about 26 km from Atambua, The capital Regency of Belu. The potential of the Fulan Fehan valley there are many horses are free to roam, cactus trees that grow fast and expanse of savanna which covers unattainable by eye. Additionally Not far from this valley there are several other historic objects into one unified package that supports the charm and appeal of these attractions, such as Fort Ranu Hitu or Fort Lapis Tujuh, on top of Mount Makes. In the other corner stands the towering Mount Lakaan, Bukit Batu Village Maudemu Maudemu, which at its peak there were some historic relics such as ksadan and graves Melus nation. In the east end of the valley there is a historic site Kikit Gewen that is an old graves very sacred, also two waterfalls and fresh clear water that is Sihata Mauhale waterfall in Aitoun Village and Lesu Til waterfall in Weluli, the Capital District of Lamaknen.

To reach Fulan Fehan valley there are two alternatives, via Dirun Village and Maudemu Village. From this two villages, visitors can go to Fulan Fehan by walking or hiking the track while prepared. The development of tourism is still in the planning stages but is expected in the near future can begin the process of construction. Tourism development is intended to attract the general public interest and a group of nature lovers in particular. From here we can climb Mount Lakaan which is in the west and the mountain range which includes the territory of Timor Leste in the east and south. With its unique natural beauty, this place has great potential to be projected as one of the natural attractions featured.