Likurai Dance is One of the Traditional Dances in Timor Island, Indoensia

When the first time I reached the school, I was welcomed by Likurai, a unique dance performance. It was performed by some students. I loved to see the way they tab the small oval shaped drums and they move their feet rhythmically. The people are very friendly.

Likurai dance is one of the traditional dances in Timor. It’s originated from the Belu/Tetun people. Likurai dance was once a war dance.  It was performed to welcome home the heroes from the war.  When the heroes come home bringing a severed head of an enemy (as proof of courage), the feto (female, beautiful girl, especially those of noble heirs), would perform Likurai.

In language of Belu tribes (Tetum), Likurai means “to rule the earth”.  So, Likurai is a dance symbolizing the triumph over the lands.
This traditional dance is generally performed by several girls (feto), each having a small oval shaped drums clamped under their arms as they claps it rhythmically, waddling on rapid footsteps.  The heroes brandished the silver sword or machete. While some mane (man) singing poetry rhymes of courage, or hero-worship.
At the present time, the dance performed only for welcoming guests, or as performances at great ceremonies or special occasions. Before this dance is staged, they first held a ceremony to pick up the drums from the storage.

Here's the video of Likurai performance on another event.