Lontong, A Special Food of Indonesia

Lontong is a special food of Indonesia which is very popular in Java, Indonesia. It’s made of rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed on the boiling water for a few hours and when the water is running out, pour some water again, repeat it for several times. Lontong is generally served with satay, Rojak, or Coconut Currygoat. The most popular variant is Lontong Ketupat. Ketupat (included in the processed rice) is made out of rice included in young coconut leaves (janur) which have plaite. It is often found around Eid season. Based on tradition, the five days since Eid is the feast of Ketupat. It is set with Ketupat Lepet

Due to being boiled in banana leaves, Lontong can be green on the outside, while the inside is white. Lontong is commonly found in most areas in Indonesia, as an alternative substitute food for rice. Even though it is also made of rice, Lontong has a distinctive aroma.

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By: Mirwan Choky