Sala Lauak, The Spicy and Crunchy Fried Food Special from Pariaman

As the coastal area, Pariaman has tons kind of culinary. One of them is a fried food called Sala Lauak. This dish is quite easily to find in the region of Pariaman, especially around the coast.

Literally, the word Sala can be translated as ' fry ', this means that the term is used for different types of food prepared with the way fried. That's why, besides Sala Lauak, there are other dishes that also called Sala, Nasi Sala (fried rice), Sala Udang (fried shrimp) and Sala Kepiting (fried crab). Where as, Lauak simply means fish.

Although it means ' fried fish ', but Sala Lauak is simply not as we imagine. Sala Lauak, a BLOB-shaped dish is as big as a thumb made from fish meat batter mashed and mixed flour.

The dough is then formed into blobs and fried until golden brown. Crunchy textured vapour has a dominant taste, salty and savory with the aroma of the spices derived from several types of seasonings that are added inside.

The most common Sala Lauak is round which is like ping pong ball. This rounded Sala is made from salted fish that are mashed and mixed together with rice flour dough flavored with garlic. It also has the texture of the outside which is a little hard and the inside is tender. Because of the hard texture on the outside, this type is called Sala Keras (hard Sala).

There is also another type of variants that are more flattened and tends to be irregular. This variant specifically found in the region of Pasir (Pasiah), the coast of Pariaman.

Unlike the rounded one, this type of Sala is made of wet fish called Stuhuak that grounded until smooth. It also has the texture of a surface that is more lenient than the rounded one, thus also called Sala.

Sala Lauak is generally presented as complementary for breakfast dishes. Main dishes which are usually served with Sala Lauak are Ketupat Gulai (goulash Ketupat). The unique taste, makes this type of culinary become a special breakfast menu from Pariaman.

By: Mirwan Choky