Bolu Kemojo, A Kind of Malay Cake Originated From Riau

Bolu Kemojo, A Kind of Malay Cake Originated From Riau

Bolu Kemojo is a kind of Malay meal/cake originated from Riau. This cake is often served at the celebration, Iftar, or festival day such as Eid. In General, this cake is brownish green. This cake has some variants of flavors. There are made from cheese, chocolate, red bean, pandan and the most popular is in Durian taste.

Most Riau people call it Bolu Kemojo. It’s named Bolu Kembojo because the shape of this cake is similar to Kemboja, (a flower). That is why, Bolu Kembojo always shaped like a flower (Kemboja). If it’s no longer shaped like a flower, so what this cake should be named?

The ingredients of this cake are just the same with the other cake ingredients, such as wheat flour, butter, eggs and sugar. The difference is that bolu Kemojo uses pumpkin, coconut milk and sweet sesame. In addition, never imagine that this cake is a soft and mild soon when our mouth to bite it. Bolu Kemojo is a cake with the texture is a bit hard because intentionally made like that (no blooms), mean while the other cakes in general have a soft and smooth texture and bloom. As a result, you need a little bit more power to bite and eat it. 

So, here I recommend that you try to enjoy Bolu Kemojo before it is too late. Go to Riau then you will find this unique cake.

By: Mirwan Choky.