Tips How To Remove Acne and The Scars Instantly

When I was a student of senior high, I had lots of acne of my handsome face. I was not confident enough to meet my friends at that time. Even when it’s break time at school, I’d just sit in the class. I did not want my handsome face with lots of acne appear between my friends. I could not stand it any longer. I tried to solve this matter. I asked my teacher how to remove acne and the scar. Then she told me that I might use lemon.

I surprised that lemon juice can remove acne and the scars. She said that lemon juice has natural skin bleaching properties, and can help to effectively lighten my acne scars. The way to do it is just simply combine equal parts lemon juice and water and apply the liquid directly onto my handsome face that had acne and scars, avoiding the surrounding skin. After that, sash off the lemon juice after 15 to 25 minutes or I could put the lemon juice on overnight as a mask.

She also said that don’t forget to moisturize immediately after washing off the juice, as the citric acid in the lemon can be very drying on the skin. Lime juice, which also contains citric acid, can be used instead of lemon in a pinch.

Since lemon juice has a pH of 2 and skin's pH is 4.0-7.0, this method needs to be used carefully. If left on too long, or not diluted this can lead to significant chemical burns. Citrus juices also contains a chemical called Bergapten, which binds to DNA and allows UV radiation to damage skin more easily, so I need to watch my sun exposure if you have any citrus juice on my skin. Rinse it off before going into the sun, and wear sunscreen.

Now, my face is getting more handsome, isn’t it? Just look at this photo if you don’t believe.

Well, if you have the same problem like I did, it is better for you to try this tip. Leave a comment below if you have something to ask. I will reply it as soon as I can.

By: Mirwan Choky