8 Tips to Make You Look Handsome

8 Tips to Make You Look Handsome

Who does not want to look cool and handsome? I think all guys want to try and keep trying to make his face look handsome. And not a few of them are willing to do anything for the sake of his face. I think handsome is relative because when one of our friends sees our face, our face might looks handsome, but what about when other friends see our face? Some of them must say that our face is not handsome. Anyway, here are some tips for you how to make you face looks handsome always.

1. Always take bath.
Do not forget to take a bath. Although you are originally handsome, but if you rarely take a bath then your body becomes very stinky. So, take a bath at least 2 times a day and do not shower like you are not willing to take a bath.

2. Use pomade
Indeed there are some guys who do not like to use pomade, but just believe me! When you use pomade, you hair will surely look fresh. Well, for boys, after taking a bath, do not forget to use pomade.

3. Look after your face
Wash your face as best you can. Buy a facial cleanser or other various of facial care products that are suitable for your skin type .

4. Keep the mustache and beard
The mustache and the beard are symbols of your manhood. Keep your mustache and beard. For those who do not like to keep either the beard or a mustache, then you can choose one of them, if you do not want to grow your mustache, the grow your beard. Well, for those who already have a beard and mustache, then your beard and mustache must be neatly shaped. Do not let it look messy.

5. Brush your teeth
Brush your teeth at least after breakfast and before bedtime. Because brushing your teeth will make your teeth more healthy and well groomed.

6. Use deodorant
Use deodorant that is suitable for you so that you look handsome. Do not let your body smelly.

7. Wear neat and fragrant clothes
The important thing is your clothes. You also have to neat clothes to let you look handsome. 

8. Manners should be maintained
I think everyone agrees that manners are very important. And people do not like people who have no manners. Therefore, you must keep being polite to make you look more handsome.

So, that’s it. I hope this tip is useful for you who are struggling hard to make yourself look handsome.