How to Snorkel for Beginners

How to Snorkel for Beginners, snorkeling tips, how to snorkel properly, factor to decide when snorkeling.

Have you ever tried snorkeling? If you say yes, welcome to the club. We are in the same boat. I have snorkeled couple months ago on Sabang island, Aceh. That’s my last snorkeling. Since then, I have not yet tried it again.

Guys, you know what, snorkeling is the perfect way to access nature’s most wonderful realms. The ocean remains as one of the best places to exercise both your body and sense of discovery. One thing you should know, when you are snorkeling, you have to have yourself comfortable first with the snorkeling tools such as mask, fins and etc. Other than that, if you are still beginner to snorkel, read these snorkeling tips carefully:

1. Wear your mask properly

Before you snorkel, make sure the mask fits your face that you must wear the mask properly. If it doesn’t, then the water will get in to. So, make sure the mask fits. But if water ever starts flowing in as you snorkel, you’ve got to reach back and check for the straps place. You know, the water should apply enough pressure to seal the mask into place so don’t wear it too tightly.

2. Wear Fins

Even though, I did not really wear fins as I snorkel couple months ago, yet these fins are important. They can help you swim properly. So, you have to choose a pair of fins that fit in snuggly but never too tight. If they hurt or curl your toes even a tiny bit you may have cramps. So, it’s always better for you if your fins are slightly bigger than too small. You know what, as I told you, without your fins you cannot swim properly.

How to Snorkel for Beginners, snorkeling tips, how to snorkel properly, factor to decide when snorkeling.

3. Always practice breathing

You have to practice breathing, guys. Practice through your snorkel with your head outside the water before dipping in. As you practice, put your mask on and breathe through the tube! But, don’t bite the tube.

4. Know your ability

Guys, you need to learn your own limitations because this is a vital skill that is often overlooked. Keep in mind that there is no good reason to push your limits as you snorkel. You don’t need to push it since these will change and grow as you become more experienced. You know, a relaxed snorkeler will get a lot of pleasure out of snorkeling once you understand and consider all factors such as water temperature, surge, currents and water visibility.

Well, that’s all I can share. Hope this is useful for you. So, where do you start your first snorkeling?