How to take Instagramable Photos While Travelling

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Mirwaners, it cannot be denied that when we are traveling, one of things we often do is snapping photos. Why do people always do that? You can answer it by yourself.  Aside from hobby, the purpose of taking photos is to documenting the trip as a sweet memory, and also to posting it on social media to “show off” to your friends. Some true travelers, he will be willing to travel far away because he wants to fulfill his wishes or hobbies. There are also some people who just want to get instagramable photo in order to get a lot of likes in social media.

As we see nowadays, there are many applications on smartphone that can help you to edit photos to be good and instagramable such as Camera 360, B612, Beauty Plus and many more. Surprisingly, some people are hesitate to use the applications, it may be because it is too complicated or takes a lot of time to edit photos. Well, if you do not want to use the existing photo editing applications yet you want to get an instagramable photo, you have to know how to take a good photo. Anyway, to get instagramable photos while traveling, try to follow these tips:

1. Pay attention to Concepts and research

Before you go traveling, you are supposed do a research first about the kind of things that you can take as an object for your photos. After that, create a concept that you will do it in the place you will visit.

2. Select a new and appropriate object

I suggest to avoiding taking photos which is like most people have. You should take a photo with a new atmosphere that no one has ever seen before. Because common people like to see the newest one. You know, if they've often seen it then the photo will look boring.

3. Be yourself, take photos with your own style

One of purposes of the photo taking is to make people amazed to see it. Most people want to take photos which look like good and instgaramable, but if they take photos in their own way it could be so much better. So, avoid from imitating the style of people photographed.

4. Choose the right angle

If you take a photo with the right angel, then your photo will look cool and amazing. Because the photo with the right angle will make the object more beautiful than what is seen by the eye. Therefore, you have to find a right angle to get an instagramable photo.

5. Find the right moment

Believe it or not, the right moment is also very important to get a good photo. Many of the photos that look good are caused by getting the right moment. For example, take a photo at sunrise or sunset. read my previous post about "7 Tips to Take Photos of Sunset and Sunrise with Smartphone Camera"

Well, that's all the 5 tips to take instagramable photos when you are traveling. Hopefully these tips are useful for you who like to snap photos while traveling.