This Silly Video Made My Followers Unfollow Me

This Silly Video Made My Followers Unfollow Me

Guys, my followers on instagram suddenly dropped. I was shocked when seeing the number of my follower on Instagram went down. And I directly thought why they unfollow me. There’s must be something wrong with my Instagram account. You know, at first, the number my follower is around 5700s, and then suddenly dropped to 5600s. Well, lately I got a sponsorship from Hypstar. It’s a mobile application like Instragram. The regulation of the sponsorship is I have to make interesting daily videos directly from Hypstar. And then I have to share the video from Hypstar to Instagram.

At first, I didn’t exactly know how an interesting video looks like. I didn’t really know what kind of video I should make. So, I just made video like this.

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What do you think about this video? Exaggerated? I know you would say that. I totally agree what you would say about that video. My videos are axaggerated, over and over exaggerated. It’s just like “oh my god! What the hell am I doing?” I know you gonna puke when seeing that video. So am I. Even me, myself, the one who made the video, don’t really love that video.

Now I know why I’m losing many followers on instgram. It’s all is because of those silly videos. I don’t blame hypstar. I blame myself. I’m the one who made the video. So, shouild I apologize? Should I? Ok, for the sake of you who unfollowed me, I apologize, I’m sorry for making that silly video. I wouldn’t do it again. Please follow me back. Please follow me on Instagram @MirwanChoky.

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I promise I would not upload a silly video again. I know I should not upload such video. Trust me, in the future, I will always upload some awesome pictures and videos on Instagram. Ok?