12 Ways To Be Happier

12 Ways To Be Happier, As reported from the Mirror, here are 12 ways to be happier:

Hey, Mirwaners. You know, happiness is absurd. There is no definite benchmark for knowing someone's level of happiness. Sometimes, people who we think are happy are unhappy with their lives. Emma Kenny, a psychological therapist reveals several things you can do to help your life happier. As reported from the Mirror, Tuesday (09/06/2015), here are 12 ways to be happier:

1. Take time for yourself
No matter how busy you are, take the time to do things that you like. Good hobbies, chatting with friends, or even just listening to music. This is very important to keep your mental health awake and stay positive.

2. Determine the purpose of life
Don't let life flow like water. Make a list of things that you want to achieve, then round the determination and try to achieve it. Setting goals and trying to achieve them will make you want to fight and life is not boring.

3. Learn to relax
During this time you might be too serious to live your life. Try not to think too much about a problem. Life if it's too serious is certainly boring.

4. Establish relationships with friends, family and partners
Don't let work suck your time. However, not always money can make you happy. Always establish good relationships with friends, family, or your partner. Because, when you are down, they will support you to rise again.

5. Learn to be selfish
During this time you may always attach importance to the happiness of people near you. However, try to ensure your own happiness. Fulfill your needs, whatever it is, so you have the energy to undergo further activities.

6. Dig your strengths
Identify what is your own strengths, certain things that other people may not have. This will make you remember that you are also an extraordinary person and not inferior.

7. Do something risky
Sometimes life requires you to take risks. Even a flat life will make you feel passive. Try to take the risk of doing something you've been afraid of.

8. Treat yourself well
Take the time to spoil yourself. Go to a salon or spa. Pamper parts of the body that have been forgotten. Think positively with yourself.

9. Learn to say no
Stop to always do the things that are asked by others. Occasionally, say no if you object to it. You will feel better when you don't need to be overwhelmed by what you really don't want to do.

10. Detect digital
Maybe you don't realize, your addiction to social media can also make you unhappy. When you open social media, you will unconsciously compare your life with others. Put your gadget occasionally. Socialize real.

11. Go to the outdoors
Taking a walk in the open and breathing in fresh air, sometimes very good for your own mental health.

12. Try to live your life now
Many of you live in remorse for the past or worry about what will happen in the future. Try to take a deep breath and not think too much about these things, surely you will feel your life better.