About Me

Mirwan Choky

Hi, I’m Mirwan Choky, the founder of Travelonesia! Travelonesia is the one-stop resource center for anyone who’s interested in doing workout.

What to Expect

It seems everyone and their neighbour want to go to gym these days. You hear your colleague wanting to workout in gym. You also hear your very close friends started going to gym yesterday. And now, you want to go to gym as well like they do?

BUT you’re not used to and have no idea what kind of training you are going to do in gym. So where do you start?

Over the last three years starting doing workout from scratch and training my muscles, I experienced both viral hits and the sound of crickets upon hitting publish. In that time, I also made my own systems and processes to maximize the chances of being muscled-man.

I’ll open the curtain, bust common myths and show you the secrets to fitness success on this website.
I’ll share with you my tools and howtos that you can use in the real world (not just theory). You’d find interviews, guides and courses on how beginners successfully become a muscled-man, the process to start and manage the workout schedule and mistakes to avoid.

My “Why”

I created Travelonesia because I want to help out beginners who feel like they’re hamsters running on a treadmill and getting nowhere. I know exactly what it feels like coz I’ve been there. I want to tell you that it’s possible to succeed at being a muscled-man and I can help you to reach that goal.

My blog is geared towards:

• Beginners who are looking to dip their toes in the world of gym
• Gym goers who are looking to improve their movement in training
• And anyone else who wants to learn about the gym world

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these questions:

• “What should I do first to start the gym?”
• “How do I get muscle enlarged fast?”
• “What kind of food should I consume after/before doing workout?”
• “What is the best workout schedule that suits me?”
• “How do I keep up with my partners in gym?”
You’re in the right place.

My Challenge to You

As mentioned earlier, there are proven strategies you can follow to minimize risks and maximize the chances of success in your workout journey.

Since doing work out over the last three years, I feel I’m way better than I was. I’m more health. People in real life and in social media said and texted me I’m now a good looking person with big muscle. That’s something I like.

I want to help people building their muscle within 1 year and I challenge you to follow along and do it with me. I’ll outline the strategy for newbie gym goers to get from zero to hero within a year. If you want to embark on this journey with me, sign up to my Fitness Course and Newsletter!

Need help? Contact me!

If you struggle to build your muscle or just want to get some quick help from me, send me a direct message on my Instagram account @mirwanfitness. Or simply send an email to mirwan.choky@yahoo.co.id. I’m currently doing it for free, so grab your chance. 

P.S. It’ll take me roughly 12 hours to get back to you. Weekends could be longer.

P.P.S. Before sending a DM or email, please try to read Travelonesia. Just start from step one and move forward, step by step. It’s VERY simple, I promise.